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we assist individuals and organizations, regardless of their level of experience in the trucking and logistics sector, to generate passive income and establish a steady revenue stream by leveraging the Cold Chain Logistics segment of the transportation industry.

This is a highly sought-after segment of the industry due to its premium revenue per mile. In this sector is where our company excels due to our extensive network of connections and specialized focus within this specific area.

Our specialized focus in this niche market allows us to capitalize on the strong yields in this section of the trucking industry. Our fleet consists solely of refrigerated trailers, and our company boasts a state-of-the-art 35,000 sq ft cold storage facility in Miami, Florida with plans in motion to expand to California, New York and Chicago between May and June of 2025

What We

What We Do For You:

GPS system, electronic logbook, pre-pass, fuel card

We provide a modern GPS tracking system that allows for real-time monitoring of your vehicles. This system includes an electronic logbook, providing your drivers with access to important information such as load details, locations, and more. Additionally, we offer a pre-pass feature that enables seamless travel across state lines and tolls, as well as a fuel card for efficient and cost-effective fuel management.

Our Dispatching Team Will Be Responsible

Our dispatching team will be responsible for allocating freight deliveries to your truck daily, with an estimated duration of 21-28 days. Your truck will be engaged in a continuous cycle of deliveries and returns to our South Florida facility, where it will undergo a cooling period, routine inspections, and any necessary maintenance. Our freight assignments are sourced directly from contracts with reputable corporations across the United States, eliminating the need for intermediaries or load boards

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ZERO! We do not generate profits from this integration process. We refrain from charging any automation fees. Our earnings are solely tied to the success of our partners, as we only profit when your trucks are actively generating income for you. This is ETA's Automation business model. Our business model is made by investors for investors. 

This investment requires a minimum capital of $35,000; the remainder can be financed.

2019 and up depending on mileage and maintenance history.

500,000 miles or less depending on maintenance of the truck.

We will, and we only use certified mechanics.
We do, we manage all the maintenance with Certified Mechanics only.
We do, we will handle all accounting for our partners and provide statements.
A link will be provided for 24/7 monitoring of your truck(s).
Profits will be issued monthly to the business account on file.
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