Who We Are

Elite Trucking Automation has established a reputation for providing innovative solutions that combine passive income opportunities through leveraging the Cold Chain Logistics within the trucking industry.

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and work closely with our partners to ensure that we consistently deliver high-quality results. Our commitment to exceeding expectations and providing scalable, reliable passive income for our partners has been instrumental in our continued growth and success.

Our Advantage

Why The Cold Chain Logistics Makes More Revenue than the Rest of the Trucking Industry on Average

Higher Demand

The demand for temperature-controlled transportation services is growing as the demand for fresh and perishable goods continues to increase. This higher demand means that there is a greater opportunity for higher revenues compared to companies that only offer dry trailer services.

Higher Paying Loads

In the Cold Chain sector, where trucks earn more revenue per mile than the average truck due to the nature of the cargo. Our fleet only hauls premium loads, such as flowers, produce, medicine and more, providing a unique opportunity for our trucks to earn more per mile.

Stable Year-Round Business 

Unlike other industries that may have seasonal fluctuations, the demand for cold chain logistics services is relatively stable throughout the year. This provides a more consistent revenue stream for this industry, which is particularly important in uncertain economic times.

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